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Combined Financial Credit
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Why does Straight Arrow Screening cost so much less?
The truth is it's pretty simple:
1.   During the dot-com bust, astounding numbers of businesses failed. We picked up everything we needed from them for pennies on the dollar and took advantage of their advanced technology.
2.   Government agencies with the data are finally bringing their computer systems up to date, making it cheaper for us to get what you need.
3.   Because you have a higher volume of business, internet access, and your staff does the data entry. As a result, we can pass the savings back to you by cutting out the higher training and account maintenance costs of smaller accounts, eliminating long distance fax charges, and eliminating our data entry staff.

Why should you act now?

The economy is as unpredictable as it has ever been in over three-quarters of a century. The seasoned veterans are tightening their budgets now before it becomes a matter of survival much like the S & L collapse of the 1980's, the DotCom bust of 2000, and the financial collapse of 2008.

We're at war, and the FBI has put us on notice that apartments have been targeted. Click here to see the FBI Alert.

When you add it all up, now, more than any other time in history,
it is critical to know who is living in your property without busting your budget.

What do you need to do to take advantage of all the discounts
that your size and internet access has earned for you?

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Will they pay the rent? - Screening their credit history helps tell you how they manage financial obligations.

  • The Sub-Prime housing market has collapsed.
  • The National Personal Savings Rate in the U.S. is a negative 1 percent. Worst since the Great Depression of the 1930's.
  • Americans are in record consumer debt.

Will they be good neighbors? - Screening their criminal history record helps identify dangerous behavior patterns.

  • 8.1 million violent crimes committed yearly.
  • 1 in 5 prisoners have committed crimes against children. 8 out of 10 sex offenders committed their crimes against children or teenagers.
  • 59% of all criminals are back in the housing market in less than one year.
12.9% of Sex Offenders live in apartments.
15.9% of applicants have a criminal record. Other services miss more than 2 out of 5 records.
43.2% of the criminal records come from outside of the County where the property is located.
39.9% of the criminal records were found by non-State sources. Other State only services - are missing about 1 of 3 criminals.
18.1%   of the criminal records come from outside of the State. If your service does not utilize a Nationwide service - you're missing about 1 of 5 criminals.

What about Homeland Security?
Free Terrorist & Fugitive Screening is included with each Criminal Background Check.

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